• GuestHouse in The Heart of The Desert

  • GuestHouse in The Heart of The Desert

  • GuestHouse in The Heart of The Desert

Toudeshk – Toudeshk Cho

The Tak Taku Traditional House is a beautifully restored family-run guest house located in the village of Toudeshk Cho, where caravans of camels used to ply their trade along the Silk Road carrying goods to and from the Middle East and beyond. The camels may have been replaced, but the romance is still there as the road weaves through the dramatic mountain landscape. Toudeshk is 2100 metres above sea level which means that even in the hot summer months when the rest of Iran swelters in 45 degrees the village is still comfortably cool.
The well-signposted Tak Taku Guesthouse is nestled in amongst the mud-built single-storey houses that surround the beautiful mosque and traditional hamam in the oldest part of Toudeskh known as Toudeskh Cho. Through the safe wide alleyways you will see attractively carved wooden doors set with the Iranian double knockers designed to indicate whether a man or a woman is knocking. Tak Taku Traditional House takes its name from the sound made by the knocker .
Tak Taku Guesthouse has been recently restored with a heritage accreditation providing a relaxed and friendly lodging place sharing common areas with family whilst also ensuring privacy in your own well-furnished room. Particular pride is taken in ensuring that all of the house is kept scrupulously clean. You are invited to share a delicious home-cooked meal and have tea with the family which is not to be missed.
The large central and picturesque courtyard provides plenty of opportunities to relax, such as a library, board games and seating areas. In the "Tours" section you can find out more about the energetic activities we offer.
Tak Taku Guesthouse in Toudeshk Cho will provide you with a true taste of traditional Iranian family life from a relaxed perspective, whilst also caring for the needs of the Western traveller.







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