Tak Taku Guesthouse is the starting point for many activities and tours. We offer you unique experiences in the desert of central Iran away from city noise where you can experience the authentic and traditional Iranian way of life.

- Village tour
Take a walk around the 500-year-old village of Toudeshk-Cho where Tak Taku Guesthouse is situated. You can learn about the architecture, the lifestyle of a village and its ancient irrigation system. You can also take a look at the traditional carpet weaving (Nain-style) that is still practiced by some villagers. If you wish, we will gladly offer you a guided tour through the village or provide you with bicycles.

- Trips into the hills and mountains
Tak Taku Guesthouse is surrounded by hills and mountains that offer short and long hiking trips. Within a 25-minute walk you can reach the top of the close-by hills and get a beautiful view of Toudeshk and the surrounding mountains.

If you wish to climb higher mountains, we can accompany you to the foot of the "Black Mountain" where you can start your hike to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view from 3000 m above sea level.

- Dasht-e Kavir Desert
Camping: the desert offers various unique experiences. In spring and summer we offer all-inclusive camping tours (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, food etc.) with local experts in the desert. Because of its location far from cities, the sky above the desert gives you a clear view on millions of stars at night.

Sand dunes: after a drive of only 40 minutes, you can reach the highest sand dunes in central Iran where you can hike, walk around or watch the sunrise and sunset from the top. We will gladly arrange a ride to the foot of the dunes or a complete journey.

Camel riding: experience a ride on the back of a camel in the beautiful sand dunes. Upon request, we will gladly arrange everything.

Salt Lake: not far from the dunes, there is a beautiful salt lake you can visit and walk along. If you wish to see this fascinating spectacle of nature, we will organise a trip for you with great pleasure.

- Nain
The ancient town of Nain is located only 30 minutes from Tak Taku Guesthouse. On a half-day tour we will discover the beautiful Mosque, the old castle of Nain, traditional houses, traditional handcrafts, the ancient water system and much more.

- Caravanserai
During the Persian Empire, a caravanserai was a guest house where caravaners (travelers) could rest and recover from their journeys along the Silk Road. We will gladly organise a visit to one of the former 999 caravanserais around.

- Gavkhouni Wetland
The Gavkhouni wetland is the terminal basin of the Zayandeh River, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau in central Iran. Please approach us to arrange a trip for you that will guide you past an inactive volcano.

- Road Trip
If you would like a car transfer from or to Tak Taku Guesthouse, our driver can stop on the way to see sights, nature, towns, and villages along the way. Please approach us when booking your transfer.